The founders

Simon has been working in the indoor positioning and mapping sector for over 12 years and has deployed over 13mm sq/ft of wayfinding solutions working on projects with both Cisco and Apple.

Aidan has worked on many mapping applications and has extensive experience of both server side web app development and developing apps for iOS and Android.

Adrian looks after our AWS infrastructure and has built our multi-tenant secure architecture that is designed to scale as required to meet even the most demanding client requirements.

Anaximander c.610 - 546 BC ancient Greekmap of world
founders building the company

Whats in a name?

Our name was inspired by Anaximander a Greek philosopher c. 610 BC - c. 546 BC who is credited with drawing the first map of the world as they understood it at that time to help ancient Greek traders with navigation.

Navigation or more accuractley wayfinding is still an issue today for many people inside complex buildings and on large campuses.

Our aim is to solve that and make mapping, indoor positioning and wayfinding as easy, low cost and ubiquitous as GPS has made it outdoors.


Map image: possible rendering of the map according to the book 'An Introduction to Early Greek Philosophy'